Issues Facing The District

Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties

Affordable Housing


In The Short Term ...

Our first and foremost focus is on approaching the housing epidemic through the economic lens.

Understanding that in our economy, “owning assets” drives it.

Track the housing market algorithms and inflation in real estate.

What We Can Do

Promote business and industries that pass along productivity gains to wage earners. Make changes to land use planning that allows ADU’s, duplexes, etc. Localize development and building permitting to reduce development/ housing costs. Acknowledge the effects of a baby boomer retirement age, millennial under-employment, offshoring of industry and jobs, technological automation. Restore small business tax cuts. Bring down construction costs through sustainable carbon based forest management and a revitalized logging industry.

Education & Mental Health


Spend Less,
Think Better.

More funding is not the problem.

Enabling transformational leadership is the solution.

What we can do

Through education reform we will present to students meaningful, practical and relevant lessons that are consistent with their uniquely discovered learning systems. Student interest will surge! Literacy rates will explode! Behavioral issues will plummet, and community social health will be revitalized. Oregon education and its economy will climb the charts. I am dedicated to bringing school districts, educators, parents and unions together as a state to achieve this result.

Through Michelle’s and my experience raising our son with autism - we have been focused for the better part of his life on understanding autism, neuroscience and neuroeducation. Neuroscience now clearly knows, that all our children’s minds and language function are evolving – becoming more visual in addition to being auditory. Neuroscience has and can identify discrete learning systems for each person – Visual, auditory, motor.



The Process.

We fully support the public-private partnership.

We are also for build, operate, transfer.


Face the epidemic in Senate District 19 with these bypass roads. Although it may seem simple enough to pave a road from point A to point B; but people own those properties all along the way. Every one of those properties are going to have to go through a "Greatest & Best Use" analysis, with little to no trail on how accurate those processes are going to be. It is going to be an unbelievable legal engineering intensive process.

We need to have private resources to develop projects, own them, and create enough revenue through whatever way they can to pay back the investors, bankers, etc. to return on the investment; and then on that point in time, infrastructure becomes transferred back to the public.


Even then though, what they think it’s going to cost and what it ultimately ends up costing- I mean how many times have you seen infrastructure projects, estimated at this and then end up at that. I guarantee you this is going to be one of those things.
— David Poulson