The Meaning Of Our Political Campaign Slogan


Transcend Dualism and Transform Oregon


In China we bridged significant cultural barriers. We collaborated with both US and Chinese counterparts to help China solve significant environmental and social issues. The volume of China’s commercial and industrial waste is hard to comprehend. They enjoy fresh food and shun  processed food; therefore, their waste is very wet, so China’s landfills generate more leachate, methane gas and CO2 than any other country. Their carbon footprint from food-waste alone is alarming!

Only through unmatched collaboration with the Chinese government and international companies were we able to deliver vertical shaft bio-reactors, constructed wetlands, and other economically sound, resource-conserving solutions to reverse the trend in atmospheric CO2.

On the social front, we collaborated with the Chinese to help them solve the 4-2-1 problem. China’s “single child” program produces 4 Grandparents, 2 Parents, and 1 child. China as had historically large families and consequently little need for senior housing. That has all changed. We helped China with their “Loving Care” program to bring American thinking to senior-living in China. Collaboration has been my life. It’s my theme whether resolving how to best lift the shipwrecked New Carissa off our beach or simply engineering the steel structure of Tesla’s battery Giga-factory. For all public projects—infrastructure, municipal,
commercial, residential and industrial development—the public must have full access to how a project is conceived, planned, designed, constructed and funded. None of this is possible without a dedication to collaboration. I have dedicated myself accordingly for the past 35 years.

I’m excited now about “paying it forward,” deploying my experience and collaboration methods to enable Oregonians to lead the most innovative, problem-solving, environmentally-restorative projects ever considered.


We all seek truth irrespective of our age, sex, political party, birthplace, disability, education, religion, or race. We share our Oregon home together. When we earnestly seek truth, only then do we discover that those who vociferously disagree with us are necessary and valuable partners, friends who guide us toward greater understanding.
And we create peace. And love.


I’m asking every Oregonian to dig deep and rise above simple yes-no, up-down, left-right, I’m-right-and-you’re-wrong discourse. Dualistic schemes are primitive. Evolve!


Together we will become better problem-solvers. Together we will provide more and improved government services while increasing government salaries and skill levels and significantly lowering tax rates yet generate higher tax revenue. We will do great things
together that our world will not soon forget.


If each one of us upgrades ourselves, then together as Oregonians, we will solve humanity’s most pressing problems. Oregon will be a microcosm of success: We will reverse atmospheric carbon levels, solve homelessness and revolutionize education. We will return Oregon’s rangelands, deserts and forests to preindustrial-revolution conditions within this generation. We will raise our Oregon-brand to earn the respect of every other state.

Please join us!