I bring thirty years of engineering practice, plus I manage a business and thirty other engineers working on water treatment, waste, new bridge design, land development and spent years of my life working in China. That’s the brain that I have and that’s what we’re bringing to the Senate.
— David Poulson

David Poulson spent his early years figuring out life as a young adult, and it wasn't until hardship reached it's peak that he decided to leave what he had known and to further his education in California. David's girlfriend at the time had disagreed. David became homeless for two weeks as a result, living underneath the floorboards of a house in Alaska. He eventually fulfilled his yearning for continuing his education and became a successful civil engineer.

He and his wife Michelle of 30+ years dedicated most their time in meeting the needs of his 24 year old son today, JD. Because of JD's autism, Michelle made the executive decision to direct her life in better understanding it; she ran the Lake Oswego pathway's program for 10 years, received her Asperger's certificate, her autism certificate and her neuroscience certificate.

David has never held political office, and see's that as one of his greatest strengths in the aspect of leadership; because not only has he not held office but that being said he is not beholden to special interests that tether the powers of the legislative assembly into arranging their priorities elsewhere.