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David Poulson

Candidate for State Senate District 19 shows his passion for Oregon with song!


Protecting Our Economy

The Great Recession is over, but too many working families still live paycheck to paycheck. Wages are stagnant while inflation rises. Instead of using our historically high tax revenues to fund already bloated state budgets, we need to invest in small businesses and help them create more family-wage jobs in our community. I pledge to protect small businesses from future tax hikes and vote no on taxes that raise the price of everyday necessities like gas, groceries, and utilities.


Meet David


Branch Manager/Senior Principal Engineer, PACE Engineers

Occupational Background:
Oregon Licensed Professional Engineer

Educational Background:
BS, Civil Engineering California Polytechnic State University; MIM, Portland State University

Prior Governmental Experience:
Chair, Development Review Commission; City Engineer, Petersburg, AK

David Poulson is a engineer, a husband who has supported his wife's career towards better understanding mental health through research and education. He is also the man that will turn every unique challenge facing Senate District 19, into an opportunity.

The 2018 Oregon Online Voters Guide

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Better Outcomes for Students

Oregon has some of the lowest graduation rates in the country and schools that fail to prepare our students for the jobs of the future. We need more dollars in the classroom where teachers can use advances in technology and innovation to help students achieve their potential. By empowering students to learn in creative ways we can set them up for success in careers that help them prosper and give their future families the best quality of life possible.